Selling your home can be an intimidating prospect. Home and Hearth works closely with our clients to prepare their homes for a competitive market. We are here to walk you through every stage of the sales process.


Consult our Real Estate Professionals

What’s my house worth? What information can I disclose to potential buyers? How do I evaluate a purchase offer on my home? Home and Hearth has you covered. We will provide the information and guidance you need to complete your sale.

  • Our agents will present you with current market data to ensure your home is priced correctly.
  • Review the entirety of the selling process together so you have a sense of the chronology of a sale. Identify the other participants involved, such as mortgage professionals, inspectors, attorneys and appraisers.
  • Advise you on any work that might be done prior to listing to maximize your home’s appeal to buyers.
  • Set an appointment to photograph your home and create a virtual tour to showcase it.
  • Work with you to set up convenient times to show your home.
  • Advertise your property with a “For Sale” sign, local print advertising, online listings and social media.


Showing Your Home

With the preparations complete, your listing will debut to the public. Home and Hearth agents, as well as agents from co-operating brokerages, will contact your listing agent or our office support staff to schedule private showings on your home.

  • By hosting broker and public open houses early in the sales process, your agent can ensure all interested buyers get the opportunity to see your home. It will also prevent an overwhelming quantity of appointments from disrupting your day-to- day lives.
  • Our office staff keeps records of everyone seeing your home. We ensure all buyers entering your home will always be accompanied by a licensed real estate professional.


Let the Negotiations Begin

If a buyer thinks your home is right for them, they will submit an offer for purchase to your listing agent.

  • Presenting any and all purchase offers for your review and providing advice on the merits of each.
  • Countering or accepting any offers insisting that any offers are accompanied by proper financial documentation.
  • Negotiating on your behalf to ensure the best price and terms.


3 – Completing the Sale

Paving the Way

When you are satisfied with an offer, we will take action to conclude the deal. Your listing agent is ready to smooth any bumps in the road that arise to ensure your sale moves forward smoothly.

  • The prospective buyer schedules an engineering inspection through your agent. Whenever

Possible, it will be scheduled within five days of an offer’s acceptance.

  • Your agent will confer with you regarding how to handle any issues raised by the inspection.
  • We will provide your attorney with all necessary information to draft and complete your contract for sale.

  • By continuing to show your home until contracts are fully signed, we can be sure you have the best deal possible.
  • Your agent will work with the bank appraiser to keep your purchase moving smoothly.
  • We will attend the buyer’s final walk-through to ensure everything is ready to complete the deal.


The Closing Table

Closing is the final stage of a sale, during which contracts will be signed and title to the property will transfer to the purchasers.

  • Time to celebrate. You’ve sold you home and are clear to move up and move on!

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